Georgian Vintage – advanced wine tour 5 days / 4 nights

Georgian Vintage – advanced wine tour 5 days / 4 nights




Why “Georgian Vintage”?

In winemaking, vintage means the harvest of a particular year and is applied only to high-quality wines with unique combinations of flavors and aromas.

The tradition of European winemaking uses strained grape juice to prepare must.

According to the Kakhetian method, the wine ferments along with the pulp – the skin, seeds and branches of grapes. As a result, an amber-colored drink is obtained from light varieties.

Fermentation and storage of traditional Kakhetian wine takes place exclusively in qvevri. Qvevri are large ceramic jugs from several hundred liters to several tons, buried in the ground. For any Georgian, qvevri is a sacred vessel that has been serving people for many centuries. UNESCO has included Qvevri in the list of cultural heritage of mankind.

But what about the taste of Kakhetian wine? And why is “Kakheti Vintage” so divine? You can’t say this better than the famous winemaker Mikhail Nikolaev: “Wine in a jug is a magical product. When they brought it to me for the first time and I tried it, it was somehow incomprehensible, rough, rough.

You know how there is a planed tree, and there is a planed one. Wine that is made in a container, with a computer, with cooling, with a French technologist – it is built, balanced, noble. This wine is wild! And when I first tried it, I didn’t understand anything. After a while, I think I’ll try again. I tried: oh, there is something in it … Then I could not tear myself away! You can’t even understand why you like it so much!”

In contrast to the classic Kakhetian wine, you can taste wines using the European technology of Chateau Mukhrani from grapes grown in Georgia.

We will help solve the mystery of “Georgian Vintage”!

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