EADG (Event Agency Division of Georgia) is a young, creative, ambitious team with extensive experience in the field of tourism, business tourism and event product. The motto of our team is creativity, tolerance, quality.

Dear and welcome guests of Georgia! I, Alexander Bandyukov, President of EADG welcome you and express our respect to you. A few words about our company.

EADG or Event Agency Division of Georgia operates in two main areas – inbound tourism and events.

The sphere of tourism is inbound tourism to Georgia. Our travel products are designed for both individual tours and large groups. Non-standard, creative when presenting a tourist product are combined with the uniqueness and authenticity of its components. We are only coloring and shading the facets of those huge opportunities of Georgia, which are integrated into various tourist packages. We work both on specialized tour packages (gastro tours, wineries, pilgrimage tours, etc.), and create creative combined tourism products (the multicolor of Georgia). The desire of the client for us is not a figure of speech, but an immutable rule. If necessary, we adapt the tour package for the client at all stages.

The sphere of business tourism and event product is the organization of events in the MICE segment – festivals, conferences, exhibitions, presentations, intensive programs, trainings, master classes, shows, etc. on the territory of Georgia. We create and produce unique events – holidays of various scales, corporate trips and out-of-town picnics. We make your life more saturated with positive events.

President of EADG

I ❤️ Georgia!


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